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Medical forms and prescription pads are becoming a popular target and have dual risks of potential fraud. On one end, prescription drugs can bring criminals high dollar value on the street, on the other end are prescription abusers who see prescription form counterfeiting as an easy way to supply a habit. Secure Prescription Pads are being adopted not only by medical practices but also state governments who wish to control this problem. Heritage Press is an authorized distributor for security prescription forms for many types of customers and produces secure medical documents that are easy to verify by any pharmacist.  We have script layouts that accommodate multiple physicians and addresses plus options for uploading your logo on a single physician prescription form. If you have a custom medical form or prescription pad in mind just contact us and we would be happy to look at your needs and give you a quote. Through our secure printing facility and patented technology we promise some of the best security you will find anywhere.

Our pads are unique; you are guaranteed the most secure prescription forms available in any standard format today. Your pads will be manufactured in a secured environment by professionals who understand security.

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